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Growing up in Coastal North Carolina, I developed a profound appreciation for

nature and the celebration of the world's diversity and beauty from a young age.

Throughout my life, I have been guided by a dual passion for both the arts and the sciences, making me an innate explorer who derives deep fulfillment from traveling and immersing myself in diverse cultures.

My personality is best characterized by traits such as flexibility, kindness, and creativity, aligning with my adventurous spirit and strong sense of loyalty. This inclination towards adventure can be likened to my astrological sign Cancer, reflecting my deep emotional connection to the experiences I pursue.

Formally, I pursued my education in Marine Science, yet I always maintained a firm foothold in the arts, particularly in the realms of design and event planning. Over the course of several decades, I have dedicated myself to planning events, meticulously coordinating logistics, curating banquets and fundraisers, and crafting flawless event experiences. This lifelong dedication has transformed my passion into a personal mission.

The ability to pursue my passions in an environment steeped in folklore, teeming with wildlife and in maritime culture, and rich in heritage careers such as fishing and farming, as well as offering a plethora of aquatic experiences and exceptional local entertainment, has been nothing short of a dream come true.

These elements hold a special place in my heart and serve as guiding principles when I undertake the planning and styling of any adventure, event, or celebration.

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JSP is strategically located within a region abundant in highly desirable natural, cultural, and sustainable assets, commonly referred to as Eastern North Carolina or the Southern Outer Banks.

Often affectionately referred to as "The Crystal Coast," the Southern Outer Banks encompasses an impressive stretch of 85 miles of pristine, white sandy beaches, distinctive marine biodiversity, a deep-rooted maritime heritage, superlative coastal gastronomy, and unparalleled recreational opportunities including sport fishing, eco-adventures, and collegiate baseball. The founder and principal event planner of JSP, Ms. Jill Sullivan, is a native of this vibrant region.

Our Mission:
Plan exceptionally unique, life-changing, sustainable experiences that inspire and celebrate while providing a deep connection to local culture.

Core Values

The 5 C’s - Creativity, Character, Communication, Culture, Celebration 

Creativity: Turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. 

Character:  Making ethical, transparent, and well-intentioned decisions.

Communication: Being upfront and forthcoming with information and insights.

Culture: Harnessing natural characteristics and practices of a local way of life.

Celebration: Expressing excitement for the work being done and shared objectives.

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